Level Up Your Game at King Square Sports Centre

If you’re searching for premier indoor basketball courts in Markham, your quest ends at King Square Sports Centre. Located on Woodbine Avenue, our state-of-the-art facility offers much more than just a place to shoot hoops. It’s a basketball lover’s paradise with amenities tailored to help you elevate your skills, engage in exciting pick-up games, and bond over your shared passion for the sport.

Courts Designed for Elite Play

King Square houses a professional-grade indoor basketball court with brand-new hardwood floors and complete regulation measurements. The spacious court gives you plenty of room to drive to the hoop, facilitate passing plays, and hustle from end to end. It’s ideal for intense training, casual scrimmages, or competitive games.

The court’s responsive surfaces help athletes move freely, while dynamic shock absorption technology reduces the impact on your joints. This allows for agile footwork, smooth dribbling, and powerful leaping without undue stress on your body.

With a high ceiling clearance, you can shoot without obstruction. To recreate game-like conditions, the court is outfitted with breakaway rims and regulation-sized nets.

Train Like a Pro

The elite-level court at King Square Sports Centre enables you to take your game to the pro level. Sharpen your dribbling, passing, shooting and defensive skills through solo drills or team scrimmages. Simulate the pressures of competition by rehearsing game-winning plays and clutch free throws when it counts.

Access to a full-size indoor court provides consistency for skill development regardless of weather conditions outdoors. The engineered flooring also lowers injury risk compared to asphalt, concrete, or lower-quality indoor surfaces.

Pick-Up Basketball in Markham, ON

In addition to solo and team practices, King Square Sports Centre provides drop-ins for regular pick-up. Get in the game and put your ever-evolving skills on display! Test yourself against other passionate hoopers with competitive 5-on-5 full-court basketball throughout the week.

Arrive solo and get matched into a team, or gather your own squad for some bragging rights. Pick-up games run continuously on weeknights and weekends to fit your schedule.

Whether you’re looking for a high-energy cardio workout or the rush of competition, the action-packed pick-up games deliver. All skill levels are welcome to join. It’s also a great way to meet other hoopers in the community.

More Than Just a Ball Court

King Square Sports Centre offers much more than premier basketball courts. Make it your well-rounded fitness and recreation hub with the following:

Table Tennis

Stay sharp with fast-paced table tennis action on regulation tables.


Try this paddleball sport that’s growing rapidly in popularity.

Court Rentals

Host your own private tournament or clinic on the pro-grade court.

With outstanding amenities, facilities and recreation opportunities, King Square Sports Centre is your ideal destination for next-level basketball in Markham: drop-ins, skills training, pick-up games and beyond. Experience courts crafted specifically to help you elevate your skills and showcase your inner passion for the game.

Basketball—The Ultimate Full-Body Workout

Beyond skill development, basketball delivers an incredibly comprehensive full-body workout. The dynamic movements, cuts, and changes of direction engage muscle groups throughout your entire body for unmatched athletic conditioning. It’s a great way to lose weight, while having fun and forgetting about the calories burned.

The constant motion of basketball provides a serious cardio challenge that elevates your heart rate and boosts endurance. Suicides, fast breaks and transitions up and down the court will leave you winded. Basketball is a form of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) that burns calories and fat quickly. Make sure to keep hydrated and that you have adequate pre- and post-basketball nutrition!

As you run the floor, your legs and core get a particularly strenuous workout. Quick changes in direction and jumping for rebounds, layups and blocks engage your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Your core stabilizes your body through twists and turns while suspended mid-air for rebounds or shots.

Upper body strength is tested through dribbling, passing, shooting and defensive maneuvering. Fast push passes, overhead shots, and aggressive drives to the basket employ your arms, chest and back muscles. Defence requires speed and agility plus raw power to box out bigger opponents.

In short, a full-court basketball game uses nearly every muscle group intensely. Compared to many other sports, this leads to accelerated fat burning, muscle growth, and overall physical conditioning.

The Mental Edge

Beyond the abundant physical benefits, basketball also sharpens mental abilities that give you an edge both on and off the court. Here are some of the top cognitive skills developed through hoops:

Hand-Eye Coordination

Nailing shots, slick passes, and ankle-breaking crossovers require synchronization between your eyes, hands and feet..

Spatial Awareness

Know where you are on the court at all times and how to navigate the space for optimal scoring and defensive positioning.


Outsmart and outmaneuver the competition by recognizing (or setting up) patterns and implementing countermoves.

Internal Focus with External Chaos

Tune out distractions and zero in on the next play to capitalize on opportunities as they arise amidst the chaos.


Collaborate seamlessly with teammates through communication, chemistry and quick decision-making in real-time game situations.

Basketball in Markham: Our Court Hours

With extended operating hours, King Square Sports Centre fits basketball conveniently into your busy schedule. Stop by for a quick midday workout or shoot around after hours.

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am—11:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 am—10:00 pm

Get court time in, whenever it works for your personal schedule. Shoot hoops over your lunch break, after work or any time your day permits.

Night owls are covered, too, with courts open relatively late into the evenings. You won’t have to rush home from work and other responsibilities with our flexible, late-night basketball court hours.

Affordable Access

While the court and amenities are world-class, using them won’t bust your budget. King Square Sports Centre offers reasonable rates and deals like:

Drop-In Basketball

Just $15 for adults. Only $10 before 5 pm on weekdays.

Court Rentals

One-hour full-court rental starts at $130. Half-court is $80.

Special Prices

Reduced court rental rates during off-peak hours on weekdays.

The fair pricing makes it easy to access the premier indoor basketball court frequently. Get your money’s worth by taking advantage of the convenient hours and budget-friendly rates.

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For indoor basketball courts that help you progress beyond your current skill level, King Square Sports Centre is the go-to option for basketball in Markham. Take your game to the next level!

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